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Ibis Bikes


Some bike companies have them, some try and pretend that they do. Ibis Cycles fall firmly into the former category. Founded in 1981 in a tiny workshop in Mendocino, California by Scot Nicol, the brand has steadily matured into the purveyors of some of the most sought-after frames in mountain biking.
Name a style of bike or a frame material and chances are that Ibis have, at some stage, made one. Now though, they represent a more focussed range of five carbon fibre frames each squarely aimed at being the best in their respective classes.

Put simply, an Ibis isn’t just a bike. It’s something that you will go out and look at with your morning coffee. It’s an inspiration to ride more and to push your own limits. Whether it’s a stage-ready enduro race bike or a back country adventure machine, Next Level Bikes can help you spec out your dream custom build right down to the smallest of details.


Ibis Mojo

Perhaps their most recognised model is the Ibis Mojo. The latest derivative of the 148mm travel carbon fibre frame, the HD3, offers all the latest technology. It’s a 27.5in wheeled design capable of accepting plus-sized tyres, has a 148mm-wide rear wheel and features the most advanced version of Dave Weagle’s legendary DW-Link suspension platform.

Ibis Ripley

The Ibis Ripley is their shorter-travel 29er designed for outright speed and singletrack thrills. If you’re a fan of the larger wheel size then there are few machines as achingly desirable as a Ripley. The scale of support and sensitivity offered up allows you to attack the trail how you want and there’s even an LS model which comes with slacker angles and longer lines for even more speed.

Check out their website for full and detailed product descriptions of everything Ibis have to offer; if they make it, Next Level Bikes can sell and look after it.

Tel: 01556 504698

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